Make a Statement

No better way to bring together a simple outfit than with a statement piece. When you wear a statement piece, it’s best to not try too hard with the rest of the outfit so you it can stand out. For this outfit I wore a bold layered necklace as my statement piece with, a white button down blouse, a faux leather moto jacket, boyfriend jeans, and chelsea boots.dsc02002dsc02004dsc01998dsc01997dsc02003dsc02006dsc02007

-xo isioma

summer outfits of the week

I decided I’d make a blog post just to show some casual outfits I would typically wear. So i took photos of my outfits on regular days through the week.


Mon 06/04/2018

wearing white crop top, short sleeved blue button down, mom jeans, and vans skate hi’s


Tue 06/05/2018

wearing navy blue jersey dress and white converse


Wed 06/06/2018

wearing black and white striped crop top, mom jeans and black dress shoes


Thurs 06/07/2018

wearing gray long leave shirt, over-sized black polo, plaid mini skirt, and vans skate hi’s


Fri 06/08/2018

Wearing black tank top, grey button down shirt, white shorts, vans skate hi’s


Sat 06/08/2018

wearing floral off the shoulder shirt, denim skirt, black heeled booties

watch the video here 

-xo isioma



This shirt stood out on the rack among a mess of other clothes, with its loud colour and interesting pattern. I just had to go over and check it out. Sometimes you spot something with a cool pattern from afar but when you check out the actual design of the piece doesn’t look nice. In this case, was the opposite it was the perfect shirt. Something I hadn’t seen before but also similar to something I’ve wanted for along time. The bold colour and design of the top make the outfit stand out even when I style the rest of it super simply. For this outfit I paired this floral yellow shirt with mom jeans and blue suede flats.

-Isioma 🙂

African Pride

Towards the beginning of the fall semester I got the opportunity to attend the Midwest African Students Association Conference with fellow members of my university’s African Students Association. The conference was a great way to bring together African students with many different ethnic backgrounds, from all over the Midwest together in one place. During the conference we got the opportunity to participate in discussions sessions, an African professionals panel and many social events like a pageant, a dance competition and dance parties. Being in this space together gave us an opportunity to be able to express our cultures, whereas in our respective universities the lack of representation usually causes us to conform to the standard. One major aspect of culture is style, culture influences fashion and fashion can also be an expression of your culture. I’m so grateful for my culture as a Nigerian, I definitely feel like my culture has influenced my style and my interest in style. While I was there I photographed some of my favorite looks to share with you all. Although I wasn’t able to capture all the amazing outfits I saw that weekend please enjoy the following amazing looks.


Ama, Marquette University, Ghanaian

“I actually designed this outfit and had a tailor make it for me. It has other parts to it but I didn’t put it together because I wanted to be business casual today. I got the inspiration [for this outfit] from one of my favorite models.”


Noor, University of Kentucky, Algerian 

“Part of my identity is obviously the fact that I’m African but it’s also the fact that i’m Muslim so I like being able to show my modesty through my clothing but still pop. So I thought these trousers are good then I just have a blouse on and sneaker cause gotta be comfortable”


Chioma, University of Toledo, Nigerian

“My outfit is a kente two piece outfit. I have on the red shoes to match with it and it’s pretty comfortable two pieces are always the way to go”


Emmanuel, North Carolina Central University, Nigerian

“I’m actually wearing abubakar stationed in Greensboro, North Carolina. My personal tailor, he made this [jacket] for me. And my personal cane.”

Kevin,East Carolina University, Nigerian

“Rockin a native ankara [jacket] I made.”



“This[dress] is kente, and I just put fur on the tips”




Do well live well and dress really well


One question I get asked a lot that I never really have an adequate excuse for is “Why are so you dressed up?” My response is typically goes somewhat like “I don’t know, I felt like it.”   Sometimes I am actually dressed up for an occasion, and others I just do it because I want to. I feel like you don’t always need a reason to dress up, your wanting to is reason enough. There’s a saying that goes “if you look good you feel good” and i guess that can be true to a certain extent. Spending a little extra time on yourself won’t solve all your problems but it might make you feel better about yourself, at least for that day, and with that confidence who knows what else you could be able to accomplish. For this look I’m wearing a pink and grey wrap shirt, a pink cardigan, a black skater skirt, black Mary jane’s, with a pearl choker.


School spirit


Throughout my life I always went to uniform schools up until my senior year of high school and when I started University. Although much can be argued about the great benefits of uniforms in academia, it can be hard for a creative who likes to express themselves through their style. For me, I was between two ends of the spectrum. Often I would try to find a way around the uniform and risk getting in trouble for it) by dress up with accessories, loud shoe, a jacket etc. Or some days when I just didn’t care and was to lazy to dress up I’d us wear the regular uniform and since everyone else is doing the same it didn’t look bad or like I wasn’t trying. But If there is one thing got from going to uniform schools is it gave me a drive to find my own sense of style. Also i still have this is cute navy tennis school skirt. It’s a great piece when I’m going for a more preppy look or I guess in this case a sort of edgy preppy look ( idk if that’s actually a thing I might have just made it up). For this outfit I’m wearing a grey crew neck, leather jacket, blue tennis skirt, and black combat boots.

-Isioma 🙂