I’ll pay you in layers


For This post I created a simple outfit that i would typically wear on a regular day. I love layering but I never want to overdo it. That’s why button up shirts are such a staple for me because I can just wear it on its own or add it to an outfit for a bit more dimension. Slightly layering is a great way to add something special to the simplest of outfits. For this outfit I used a blue jean button up to do just that. I’m wearing an olive green long sleeve, black high waisted skinny jeans, tan boots and of course a button up shirt.



Style Profile: Elijah Ikhumhen


Today’s blog post is going to be a little different from the typical blog posts on here. But this will be the first of many as I am starting a new series on this blog called Style Profile. For these posts I’ll be shooting photos and videos of stylish people I know as well as interviewing them about their personal style. This is a way for me to occasionally shift the focus from me on this blog towards others who deserve the attention.

With that I present to you my first feature, My Nigerian Brother, Elijah Ikhumhnen. Elijah is a Junior at Marquette University studying Biomedical sciences. He’s originally from Lagos Nigeria but currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. I met Elijah my freshman year at Marquette and ever since then I’ve always admired his sense of style. So when I decided to start this blog of course he was the first person I asked to feature. Elijah talked about his Asos obsession and how he evolved into being more comfortable with his style.


Outfit #1

Elijah is wearing a long sleeve white turtle neck, a burgundy jacket, distressed skinny jeans and suede tan oxfords. Everything in this outfit is from Asos.


“I kind of came up with that style myself because I like burgundy a lot especially when its on jackets.”

Outfit #2

Elijah is wearing a white T-shirt, a jean jacket, black joggers, black vans, and a white hat. This outfit is from Asos and H&M

DSC01178DSC01175DSC01176DSC01177DSC01182DSC01183DSC01184DSC01186“Basically Asos and H&M. That’s where i shop mostly”
When did you realize you where interested in fashion?
“Late high school because a lot of my friends dress up and i do but i didn’t tend to do it at the time. I remember my freshman year of college i wasn’t really into it because I thought people would think i’m snobby and then after sophomore year i just became more of myself and started dressing how i wanted.”
How would you describe your style?
“Everybody likes to say i’m classy. I think what describes me most of the time is chelsea boots and a turtle neck.”
Do you have any fashion inspirations?
“I don’t really have any fashion inspirations. Most of the stuff I do, I where it and see if it fits then i ask my fiends if it fits. But there is one guy i look at, his name is @igeeokafor he’s on Instagram and I like the way he dresses”
Fashion advice from Elijah:
I would say be yourself. Everybody’s style is different so you shouldn’t try to copy somebody if you’re not going to be comfortable in it. Be comfortable in the way you dress.

DSC01185“I think I’m stylish because I’m Nigerian, a lot of Nigerians are very stylish”

Check out the video I shot of elijah here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4O8FaRd6pU

Follow Elijah: https://www.instagram.com/e.his/

-xoxo Isioma ♡


dsc00213dsc00184dsc00183I definitely can’t say I have a specific style when it comes to fashion. My style constantly changes depending on the day. Some days I could go for a edgy look, a classy look, a girly look or even a more androgynous one. I don’t want to limit myself because I think the fun part of fashion is getting to try different things and create an image for yourself that is unique to whoever you want to be. So I promise on this blog you will see me trying out many different style as I already do on a regular basis. But I guess I do have few consistent go to styles that I tend to often stick to, I tried to channel one of them for this look. I don’t know what I would call it but I guess it’s kind of like a bold or punk style because it makes me feel strong. When I dress in this style I usually stick with dark colors, a leather jacket is constant, strong footwear, and a bold red lip to finish it off. For this look i’m wearing a striped black and white sweater, a faux leather moto jacket, a button down jean skirt, black knee socks, and black combat boots.

xoxo Isioma ♡


Forest Green


Since I live in Wisconsin, where we are condemned to cold weather like 90 percent of the year. I thought it would be fitting to make my first few blog post about winter outfits. Well, more like cold weather outfits since it wasn’t the usual below zero freezing weather when we shot these photos. otherwise I would be bundled up from head to toe in an attempt to stay somewhat warm. Although I’m not a fan of cold weather I do like the fashion trends that come along with the season. I love seeing the layering of different pieces and the stylish jackets and boots people wear. For this outfit I guess I was trying to go for the whole comfy but still somewhat stylish ordeal. I wore a cream coloured turtle neck sweater, high waisted dark wash jeans, an olive green bomber jacket, and a pair of tan platform sneakers. This was a pretty nonchalant outfit but it still came together nicely while keeping me cozy on a decent winter day.

photos by my sister

xoxo Isioma ♡

New Fashion Blog?


Hello friends! I’m back and blogging again. From a young age I’ve been interested in fashion and style. I see style as a way of personal expression. I love to dress up & put together outfits. I’ve tried fashion blogging a couple of times before but never had the motivation to completely follow through with it because its kind of time consuming and I’ve had a lot of other things going on. But since I’ve already created this blog I might as well put it to use instead of letting it just sit here on the interwebs. I’ve decided it will be a good way to express my interests in both fashion and photography with the world.

This blog will be a hub of posts all bout fashion and style. You can expect blog posts of my daily looks showcasing my personal style, blog posts of street style looks showcasing people who’s style i find interesting from around Marquette’s campus, the Milwaukee area and wherever else I end up, and in the future blog post featuring and interviewing fashionable people I know who’s style I admire. I hope you all like my looks and this blog go’s well! ( :
xoxo Isioma ♡



Brand Social Media SWOT Analysis: GOLF WANG



Golf Wang is an apparel brand started by Los Angeles based rapper Tyler, the creator. The brand is currently present on only two social media channels, Instagram and Tumblr. It has a widget to both channels on the store website. Along with the social media channels there is also a widget for their app, Golf Media. Golf Wang is also connected to Wolf Gang or Odd Future, a hip hop collective started by Tyler and his friends. The name of the brand is a play on the the group name Wolf Gang. The official name for the group is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All but it’s normally shortened to Odd Future and abbreviated to OFWGKTA. The group itself is present all over multiple social media platforms with a wide range of accounts both official and fan accounts. On these other accounts they mostly post about the artists but also occasionally post about the brand. All the artists also have their own personal social media accounts where they sometimes post about the brand. The brand gives of a very chill and carefree vibe the clothes are brightly colored and have a very casual and comfortable feel. Tyler wanted to create something he would like to wear so the brand target market are young people like Tyler who aren’t afraid to do what they want without caring about the judgment of others.

On the brands Instagram they post a lot of lookbook photos showing off their seasonal collections, flyers for up coming events, and photos from their past events like the recent Golf fashion show. On the brands Tumblr they post pictures of young people just being young and having fun. The people in the photos are all skating, at amusement parks, partying with friends and while wearing Golf clothes. They seem to publish content on their Instagram more often than their Tumblr with significantly fewer posts. Overall I really like the brand’s image and everything they stand for. Their social media is a great way to get their message across but I feel like they need to do more with it. Personally, I’m a fan of Tyler and Odd Future so I’ve been following the brand for a while. I love his music and I think he’s a great inspiration for young people everywhere. With his fun, carefree attitude and how he has already created so much for himself and his fans at the young age of twenty five from music, a TV show, an annual carnival, and now this clothing line. Tyler’s brand and his message is something young people need in this day and age and it needs to be shared through social media platforms to inspire more youth and show them that there are like minded people out there.


Golf Wang SWOT analysis

  • Strength- They have a great image. They do good work with influencers.
  • Weakness- They don’t really engage with their customers through social media
  • Opportunities- They should branch out other social platforms to reach a broader audience. They should also reach out to people who are unaware of Tyler and odd future but would still like the brand and apparel.
  • Threats- They should be wary of bigger named brands with a similar image trying to compete with them for customers.