I decided I’d make a blog post just to show some casual outfits I would typically wear. So i took photos of my outfits on regular days through the week.


Mon 06/04/2018

wearing white crop top, short sleeved blue button down, mom jeans, and vans skate hi’s


Tue 06/05/2018

wearing navy blue jersey dress and white converse


Wed 06/06/2018

wearing black and white striped crop top, mom jeans and black dress shoes


Thurs 06/07/2018

wearing gray long leave shirt, over-sized black polo, plaid mini skirt, and vans skate hi’s


Fri 06/08/2018

Wearing black tank top, grey button down shirt, white shorts, vans skate hi’s


Sat 06/08/2018

wearing floral off the shoulder shirt, denim skirt, black heeled booties

watch the video here 

-xo isioma

2 thoughts on “summer outfits of the week

  1. That first outfit is literally an outfit I have in my wardrobe, its so cute and the plaid skirt looks gorgeous on you!! Loved this post ❤


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