Throughout my life I always went to uniform schools up until my senior year of high school and when I started University. Although much can be argued about the great benefits of uniforms in academia, it can be hard for a creative who likes to express themselves through their style. For me, I was between two ends of the spectrum. Often I would try to find a way around the uniform and risk getting in trouble for it) by dress up with accessories, loud shoe, a jacket etc. Or some days when I just didn’t care and was to lazy to dress up I’d us wear the regular uniform and since everyone else is doing the same it didn’t look bad or like I wasn’t trying. But If there is one thing got from going to uniform schools is it gave me a drive to find my own sense of style. Also i still have this is cute navy tennis school skirt. It’s a great piece when I’m going for a more preppy look or I guess in this case a sort of edgy preppy look ( idk if that’s actually a thing I might have just made it up). For this outfit I’m wearing a grey crew neck, leather jacket, blue tennis skirt, and black combat boots.

-Isioma 🙂

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