Today’s blog post is going to be a little different from the typical blog posts on here. But this will be the first of many as I am starting a new series on this blog called Style Profile. For these posts I’ll be shooting photos and videos of stylish people I know as well as interviewing them about their personal style. This is a way for me to occasionally shift the focus from me on this blog towards others who deserve the attention.

With that I present to you my first feature, My Nigerian Brother, Elijah Ikhumhnen. Elijah is a Junior at Marquette University studying Biomedical sciences. He’s originally from Lagos Nigeria but currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. I met Elijah my freshman year at Marquette and ever since then I’ve always admired his sense of style. So when I decided to start this blog of course he was the first person I asked to feature. Elijah talked about his Asos obsession and how he evolved into being more comfortable with his style.


Outfit #1

Elijah is wearing a long sleeve white turtle neck, a burgundy jacket, distressed skinny jeans and suede tan oxfords. Everything in this outfit is from Asos.


“I kind of came up with that style myself because I like burgundy a lot especially when its on jackets.”

Outfit #2

Elijah is wearing a white T-shirt, a jean jacket, black joggers, black vans, and a white hat. This outfit is from Asos and H&M

DSC01178DSC01175DSC01176DSC01177DSC01182DSC01183DSC01184DSC01186“Basically Asos and H&M. That’s where i shop mostly”
When did you realize you where interested in fashion?
“Late high school because a lot of my friends dress up and i do but i didn’t tend to do it at the time. I remember my freshman year of college i wasn’t really into it because I thought people would think i’m snobby and then after sophomore year i just became more of myself and started dressing how i wanted.”
How would you describe your style?
“Everybody likes to say i’m classy. I think what describes me most of the time is chelsea boots and a turtle neck.”
Do you have any fashion inspirations?
“I don’t really have any fashion inspirations. Most of the stuff I do, I where it and see if it fits then i ask my fiends if it fits. But there is one guy i look at, his name is @igeeokafor he’s on Instagram and I like the way he dresses”
Fashion advice from Elijah:
I would say be yourself. Everybody’s style is different so you shouldn’t try to copy somebody if you’re not going to be comfortable in it. Be comfortable in the way you dress.

DSC01185“I think I’m stylish because I’m Nigerian, a lot of Nigerians are very stylish”

Check out the video I shot of elijah here:

Follow Elijah:

-xoxo Isioma ♡

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