dsc00213dsc00184dsc00183I definitely can’t say I have a specific style when it comes to fashion. My style constantly changes depending on the day. Some days I could go for a edgy look, a classy look, a girly look or even a more androgynous one. I don’t want to limit myself because I think the fun part of fashion is getting to try different things and create an image for yourself that is unique to whoever you want to be. So I promise on this blog you will see me trying out many different style as I already do on a regular basis. But I guess I do have few consistent go to styles that I tend to often stick to, I tried to channel one of them for this look. I don’t know what I would call it but I guess it’s kind of like a bold or punk style because it makes me feel strong. When I dress in this style I usually stick with dark colors, a leather jacket is constant, strong footwear, and a bold red lip to finish it off. For this look i’m wearing a striped black and white sweater, a faux leather moto jacket, a button down jean skirt, black knee socks, and black combat boots.

xoxo Isioma ♡


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